10 lakh ka bull


A bull is an adult male of the Taurus breed,it’s also denotes the males of the bovines like bison and water buffalo,bulls have well built large body, Its more muscular and aggressive than the cow ,with the larger feet , thicker bones, muscular neck, Their head are bony with a protective ridges over eyes, short hair in their body with mane of curly hair . A mature bulls weigh between 500 and 1,100 kilograms (2000-2800 Lbs) the heaviest can record over 3800 Lbs and the mini – breed bull can reach 1000 – 1400 Ibs the current average is 2700 Lbs, a adult bull it’s over 40 centimetres (16in) while the young bull it reach up to 28 centimetres (11in)  and they become fertile about seven months of age .It estimated 42% of all livestock. The stock price race by 15 percent , while 80 percent of stock prices are on a rising spike .


A bull daily eats approx  10 liters of milk and 3kg curd and also 10kg feed , It has been used to increase the dairy milk production. A producer calf depends on a bull environment whether the bull he puts with his cows or the care and management during the bull off-season, bull should be in a good health with an extra care to give them a chance to regain their body condition

Excessive energy level it’s getting the bull fat if you overfeed them they will be too fat and they will be more lazier because once they are fat they can’t move well until they lose some weight , bulls needs to have some reserves especially a young bull for the first time breeding cow should be in a good condition , a young bull that’s over fat may have fertility problem .bulls should be taken off whole cottonseed for minimum 90 days to start breeding season to ensure that they are not affected by gossypol.the healthy bull in a good condition will produce a good amount of the dairy milk producer .


The bull is trained for draft work such as pulling cart , wagons , plows . bulls are very important alongside  artificial intelligent . with the good breeding values  in an attempt to increase the rate of the cows to get pregnant , bulls can be used to mop-up the cows that has failed to get pregnant  during the breeding season along with the artificial intelligent , this kind of bull is easy keeping with good temperament , calving ease and explosive growth , thick ,correct good -footed bull .




10 lakh ka bull

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