Godhan is a Non-Profit organization that is focused to increase the income of the farmers and build a better livelihood for them. More than 55% of rural households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. It account only 17% of India’s GDP. This data is enough to show that how less contribution half of the agricultural population of India contributes to GDP. We are focused to make our farmers educated so that they can adopt new methods of farming to increase their productivity and contribute more.

Our Vision

We are continuously fighting against poverty and working together as a team to find solutions of the problems faced by the farmer and rural youth.

Our Mission

We hope to achieve these milestones-
  • Digitally connect our farmers to provide them a platform so that they can sell their crops and get relevant information.
  • Free education programme, building schools for poor children in rural areas. Make them educated so that they can rebuild their life and take charge of their future.
  • Creating a big campaign across the country to create awareness among the farmers for their right and make them capable to live a sustainable life.

Our Services

Godhan App

It acts as a platform for farmers to meet online and sell or buy dairy cattle. It is a free service offered by us that helps the seller to get right buyer for him. It takes very less time to post your ads and you get connected with hundreds of buyers instantly..

Godhan News

Our news platform serve as a educational platform where the readers can get knowledge about the latest trends and researches going on in the agriculture and dairy industry. We provide relevant information about animal husbandry.