Cows are social animal like humans. They form the closed group of friendship and also choose to spend their much more time with their preferred individuals. They prefer mostly 2-4 cows in their group. Also they may dislike particular individual or hold grudges for single individual for years.

Cows are intelligent animals and shows their emotions to their owner or individuals who care for them. If they are respected enough or treated better it affects their milk production stamina. Like other cattles Cows show their excitement and happiness when they let out into a field after a long time gap.

Cow is a simple as well as fascinating animal. With their social behaviour they also are an intelligent animal as they can remember things for long time duration. Adding on to the interesting facts about Cows, it is also been researched that the average sleep time of cow is about four hours a day but they can spend ten to twelve hours a day lying down.

The cow’s feeds on grass and hay. In truth, the cow is one animal that has a complicated stomach that permits it to digest grass. They chunk the cud, meaning they re-chew the meals that they’ve already eaten. On average, a cow spends six hours consuming and 8 hours chewing its cud. Cows can stay for over 20 years. Cow Milk is wealthy in protein and calcium which help build the muscle groups you want to throw a ball or climb a tree. Milk is specific due to the fact no other beverage in the international includes as many natural nutrients.


India is one of the most diverse lands found anywhere else in the world. In India we can see the difference on people mentality easily. If we can talk about cattles, India is a animal loving country. We had cows

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How to check milk purity

Milk is a common drink of our daily diet however not every time the milk we tend to take is pure and it’s going to have urea, vanaspati, formalin, starch and water as impurity. A day starts with pure hygienic

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Cow dung Benefits

Cow dung is used in various places in traditional Indian culture. It is also known as gobar where go means cow and bar means boon. It shows how much traditional Indians respect  this excrement. Even the Vedas, which condemn all

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