How to check milk purity


Milk is a common drink of our daily diet however not every time the milk we tend to take is pure and it’s going to have urea, vanaspati, formalin, starch and water as impurity. A day starts with pure hygienic milk as a result of one and all needs pure milk of a glass for their perfect breakfast which gives energy to body and every child additionally need pure milk for their physical growth. Wherever in today’s world there are chances to require impure milk for any sources like – dairy booths, dairy shops, marts and many more therefore there is necessity to check milk purity because of availability of impure milk in market. Packed milk from reputed brands also as milk purchased from milk-vendors could also be adulterated thus it is necessary to see for them before consuming.

The investigation of the milk samples from everywhere the country were examined for the percentages of the fat, neutralisers, glucose, salt, urea, detergents  milk powder, formalin and vegetable fat. It was found out that a bigger fraction of the milk was impure being adulterated. This calls for the comprehensive needs for the food scientists and also the large scale milk distributors to maintain the requisite safety of the milk to a level that health of the purchasers is not adversely affected.

Test for adulteration in milk can be done at home using following ways that:-

  1. Checking for Synthetic Milk:- Synthetic milk is made by mixing chemicals and things like soap in natural milk. Synthetic milk could be easily identified by bad taste. It feels cleansing agent once rubbed and turns yellowish when heated.
  1. Starch in milk:- If your vendor has added starch to milk, you can detect it by adding two tablespoons to salt to five millilitre of milk. Mixture will turn blue if milk is adulterated else it remains intact.
  1. Vanaspati in milk:- Vanaspati is not good for health if consumed in huge amount. If milk is adulterated with vanaspati, add two tablespoon of hydrochloric acid and one tablespoon of sugar to one tablespoon of milk. If the mixture turns red and its impure.
  1. Formalin in milk:- This is used for preservation purposes. Since its transparent in color and can be preserve milk for long time or also packaged manufacturers use it for adulteration purposes. To test for formalin existence in the milk and also take ten millilitre of milk in test tube and put two to three drops of sulphuric acid into it. If a blue ring appears at the top, milk is pure else not.
  2. Reduction Test:- Boil milk on slow heat for two to three hours till it solidifies and become hard like that khoya. Rock solid, rough residue means the milk is adulterated while oily residue means it’s of good quality.


How to check milk purity

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