Cow breeds in India according to latest Survey

cow breeds in india

The indian cows breed categorized in following types

1. Milch Breeds:

Females gives a large quantity of milk, while the bullocks are not much good for cultivation. e.g., Gir, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Tharparkar and Deoni.

milch breeds

2. Gir:

Basically this breed is from Gujarat, but also found in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Gir cows gives good quantity of milk. Gir cow produce milk from 1,200 to 1,800 litre.
gir cow breed

3. Red Sindhi:

Mainly this breed is from Karachi and Hyderabad. Red Sindhis are small in size except from others but they are very good milkers. Milk production ranges from 1,250 to 1,800 litre. Red sindhi cows first calving age is 39 to 50 months and the interval calving 425 to 540 days.

red sindhi cow breed

4. Sahiwal:

This is a native cow from Pakistan. This is the best breed in asian subcontinent. These cows are long and fleshy and with strongly build. The milk yield ranges from one 400 to 2,500 kg per annum. The age of 1st parturition ranges from thirty seven to forty eight months and the parturition interval is from 430 to 580 days.
sahiwal cow breed

5. Deoni:

Deoni cow is the fusion of Gir and Dangi Cow. Basically deoni cow is from from andhra pradesh. Deoni cow have high milk productivity.

Deoni cow breed

6. Hariana:

This breed is mainly from Haryana state. They are very powerful work breeds and Good species cows yield up to 1,500 kg of milk per lactation.

7. Gaolo:

This breeds are found in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. These breeds are basically draft animals. Good specimens yielding up to 1,000 kg per lactation.

Gaolo cow breed

8. Rathi:

This breed is also known as Rath. Rath breeds are located in Alwar district of Rajasthan. They are medium-sized dual- purpose animals, good cows yielding up to 1,200 kg of milk per lactation. The bullocks are adopted for heavy roadwork.

Rathi cow breed

9. Kankrej:

Mainly This breed is from gujarat . They are fast and powerful cattle. These Cows are not good milkers like others, and yielding about 1,400 kg per lactation.

Kankrej cow breed

10. Draft Breeds:

The female of this cow breed are poor in milkers but their males are superior bullock. Several draft breeds cattle in India are Nagauri, Bachaur, Kherigarh, Malvi, Hallikar, Khillari, Kangayam and Amritmahal. Ponwar and Siri are other important draft breeds. They also known as hilly breeds.

Draft Breeds

11. Nagauri:

Nagauri breeds are found in the district of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. This breed are very good at roadwork.This breed is a mixture of Hariana and Kankrej breeds.

Nagauric cow breed

12. Bachaur:

This breed is basically from Bihar. And they are not good milkers.

Bachaur cow breed

13. Kherigarh:

This breed is from Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. Kherigarh breed are very active breed.



These breeds are found in Madhya Pradesh and also in Andhra Pradesh. They are also massively strongly build.

malvi cow breed

15. Khillari:

The animals are compact and tight. Khillari bullocks are regarded as fast and powerful draft animals.


16. Kangayam:

kangayam breed is from Tamil Nadu.This breed males have black colour on the head, hump, neck and quarters. Mostly this breed bullock used for cultivation.


Cow breeds in India according to latest Survey

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