How cow dung is useful to Indian Farmers as an energy resource :


Cow dung is very useful for Indian farmers as a resource, It play very vital role in farming sector because in cow dung we found very unique and authentic thing which is used in agriculture. It is a useful and abundant material, Cow dung use for manure purpose, manure is indigestible plant material released on to ground from the intestine of cow.It helps us in avariety of ways. Also a plentiful and renewable resources,Cow manure is very useful for farmers it has a soft texture and tends to be deposited in circular shape, which gives dung pats. The manure is used as a rich fertilizer,an efficient fuel and use as a biogas producer, a useful building material, a raw material for paper making if farmers wants to establish his own business in paper industry, play very important role in insect repellent and disinfectant.

The manure also plays an essential role in lives of various animals, plants and microbes, including dung beetles and pilobolus fungus. From a pure utility perspective, cow dung is one of the best forms of natural fertilizer for farmers due to this farmers not invest much more their cost in chemical fertilizers, which are available in market. Application of cow dung for soil enrichment is an age old agricultural practice which was lost post introduction of chemical fertilizers.With booming demand for chemical free food and growing acceptance of organic farming,cow dung forms a very important link in chemical free farming.

Another growing trend is the use of cow dung in producing biogas, it’s a cheap alternative source of producing energy that can be also used as fuel for cooking or even produce electricity which is a good resource for the farmers, who live in villages, So cow not gives only milk and food but cow can even helps us power our villages which is very crucial for farmers.

Cow dung – as a source of green energy for Indian farmers :

Traditionally cow dung has been used as a fertilizer,though today dung is collected and used to produce biogas. This gas is rich in methane and used to in mostly rural areas of india and provide a renewable and stable source of electricity. Traditional cow based organic farming is solution for the future and it’s a good resource for farmers as earning purpose.

Uses of cow dung :
Fuel : Cow dung is a good source of fuel for farmers as earning purpose and business, farmers expand their business in farming. In india approx 75% of india’s population living in rural area, and continuous access of fuel and everyday meals and heating depends on cow dung.

Cooking purpose: cooking by the help of cow dung is not much different from using wood or other gases. It save the money of farmers and farmers run their home easily.

How cow dung is useful to Indian Farmers as an energy resource :

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