India is one of the most diverse lands found anywhere else in the world. In India we can see the difference on people mentality easily. If we can talk about cattles, India is a animal loving country.

We had cows for milk and other dairy products. People used to say cow as “Gau hamari Mata hai” they worship cow ( cow is also favorite of Krishna and Shivji ), but if we can see the other side of same coin, People gives shelter to the cows mainly for milk production.

To increase the production of milk, they are injected with hormones. Their caves get separated immediately after birth to get the maximum milk produced can be sold. Cows are left scrounging for food at garbage dumps from where they eat plastics waste and sometimes due to this they dies a painful death too.

People treated them as a productive tools not as a creature. They leave them out on the streets once they become dry, barren to die, either because of hunger or disease.

Yogi Adityanath government to launch cow ‘safaris’ in 24 districts

It feels good when we see some initial steps to be taken towards the welfare of cattles. The chief minister Aditya Nath Yogi kept the concept “cow safaris” which initiates (We will make grazing grounds for cows. Hum gai ke sanrakshan ke liye abhyaran banayenge) at 24 districts, mainly around metro cities and in Bundelkhand region.

In UP budget, Yogi Adityanath allocates Rs 98.5 crore for cow shelters

To overcome the problem of stray cows by farmers, the government has decided to open gaushalas (cow shelters). Initially it will opened in urban areas and thereafter at the tehsils and villages across the state.

These are the good step taken by the state government for proper rehabilitation of stray cattle. The measure will also prove to be a great help for farmers whose crops are most vulnerable to stray cattle.


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