Dairy industry | one way to improve rural income growth in India


Introduction to the Dairy Industry especially in India:-


The dairy industry is important in animal agriculture industry, specially in india where it has the highest livestock population in the world the buffalos has 50% while the 20% is the world’s cattle population ,most of which are milch buffalos and cows.The dairy industry in India is the most successful development programmes it’s also known as the largest businesses that improving the animal welfare . Dairy production has different facility requirements,India has the largest milk production,the production can take up to 135 million tons.  Indian companies are ready to meet the international standard and the demands of the international market today india is the global dairy industry and the lowest cost producer as per liter, the dairy industry in India its growing and increasing in the milk production.

Introduction to Dairy Production:-


According to India production it’s the largest producer of dairy products and also their largest consumer, cow it’s providing us a different type of production like, milk, labor, cheese, sour cream all this is milk production.

For the successful livestock production the dairy producer has to focus on the heath and the way of treatment and prevent health problem ,if the cow loses the ability to produce a milk it’s a lost for the industry , the health and type of treatment to avoid the milk diseases or scours health concern of raising replacement .there is other health problem like the reproductive diseases ,diseases like leptospirosis its cause abortion , the produce have to be aware and having knowledge about the health effect future production and provide the medications.


The producer must concerns about the consumer’s dairy products and safe true leaning of the issues and try to improve the management practices some industry are working to educate and train consumers about dairy production and the safety of dairy products.

India milk production is the largest achievement to the country that farmers in general keep dairying animals in proportion and arability of family labor with no purchased inputs and a minimum of marketed outputs.


Dairy industry like Amul type of cooperatives which has different type of production has changed the dairy farming practices in india ,the farmers they have set their prices of the production which known now as a commercial proposition .


In 1950’s India was commercially improved 55000 tonnes of milk powder this has developed the urban milk demand in dairy have taken place in the country ,it was an opportunity to provide jobs anyone with a bachelor degree can easy work in the industry


Type of the opportunities that the industry can prove:-


  •         Dairy scientists
  •         Dairy technologist
  •         Dairy engineers
  •         Marketing personnel


Latest developments:-

The milk producer all over the world is India dairy which produce around 100 million MT India dairy industries and the price or the amount to Rs.1179 billion, milch animal constitutes 45% buffaloes 10% cross bred cows. Dairy sector has been instrumental in beginning socio-economic transformation.

Dairy industry | one way to improve rural income growth in India

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