Different types of Fertilizers used in India for Farming



Fertiliser is known as any material of natural or synthetic origin which is applied to the soil or the tissues of the plants to deliver the essential nutrients which had been lost due to harvesting or soil erosion. There are many types of fertiliser which are used to enrich the soil with the essential nutrients.

They are broadly classified into two parts- 

  • Organic fertiliser
  • Inorganic fertiliser

Organic Fertiliser

Organic fertiliser are natural fertilisers that do not use any acid formulation. Organic fertiliser includes like cow manure, bone meal, organic compost, bat guano as well as green manure crops also. Organic soil enrich the soil with essential nutrients without the loss of the groundwater, but this type of fertiliser takes a long time due to which the productivity of the crops gets affected.

Inorganic fertiliser

Inorganic fertilisers are the chemical fertiliser as they are derived from chemical compounds, minerals or synthetic. They come in the form of powder, pellets, granules or liquid. Most of them are rated based upon the percentage of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Others are included as calcium, sulphur, zinc, iron or magnesium.

There are many types of different inorganic fertilisers that are-

  • Nitrogen Based fertiliser
  • Potassium Based fertiliser
  • Phosphorous Based fertiliser
  • Solid fertiliser
  • Liquid fertiliser


Nitrogen Based fertiliser

Nitrogen is mainly used for protein formulation process in plants. The overall growth and development of plant depends on Nitrogen based fertiliser.

Potassium Based fertiliser

The potassium-based fertiliser is used for fruit leaves, potatoes, and chillies. It is very suitable for the land which is deficient in potassium. The potash and sulphate potash will easily be dissolved into the soil.

Phosphorus Based fertiliser

Phosphorous is generally used for development as well as to increase the rate of growth of the root and flower of the plants. The common source of phosphorous in the garden of your home is the steamed bone meal. It is very useful fertiliser for the development of the plants and makes your garden more beautiful and attractive.

Solid fertiliser

Solid fertiliser is a fertiliser which is in the solid form only. Solid fertiliser is used in the dry form and must be watered in. It is widely used for farming.

Liquid fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser is the fertiliser which is in the Liquid form. The liquid fertiliser is the fast acting fertiliser and it saves both time and money of the farmers.   



Different types of Fertilizers used in India for Farming

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