Digital Education for farmers is increasingly important and has to be provided using innovative methods and approaches. A strong digital india is impossible without empowering people in the rural area and such can be attained with a well planned internet penetration programme

Mera desh badal raha hai, digital ho raha hai

Technological innovation and the transformation in social behaviors are opening up new, incredible sceneries. Companies must be willing to embrace this change so that they can face the new market dynamics through the appropriate skills and competences, and young people need to be aware of the new opportunities and be ready for the careers of the future.


We are living in a developing country but the sad thing is there are still some places where no development is uneven. there is some places where people don’t know how to use phone. the people who lives in rural areas like farmers ,they don’t know digitalization,they don’t use android phones and all techniques. So we has made a platform for the farmers so that they can buy and sale the cattles easily from home. We have created a platform name godhan through which we can easily saw the ads of nearby cattles to be sold and they can also post their ads to sold. Through Godhan they will not face any difficulties in selling or buying cattles and this will generate awareness and farmers will also learn digitalization , and they will start using latest techniques which will definitely improve their life.

Godhan not only works on desktop browsers but it has its own mobile app too. That has a unique feature of listing ads on cattles without signup. You just need to install Godhan app into your smartphone and click on post ads button, Godhan app will automatically fetch your mobile device and consider it as your sign up where a simple form will open to fill all the details of your classifieds. After filling all the details just click on submit button and your ads will be posted instantly, if you want to edit your listing just open godhan app from same smart phone and you will be their to edit or delete it.