Gobar (Cow Dung) Is Applied On Walls And Floors Of Indian Villages


Cow dung, also known as cow pats, cow pies or cow manure, is the waste product Produced By Cows .In India Cow is considered very sacred in Hinduism and Wisdom of God.  it is called Gow Mata (, The mother).  Urine and dung  is considered holy in India. We Appraise desi cow as our mother and worship in daily life .In India, after cleaning their houses, Mostly rural people implant cow-dung paste on floors and  walls and for making their own  houses  pure As other side The  urban people make their houses painted for getting the festive feel.  Dung is part of cleaning process in Indian villages. This process was being continuously In use as the time of Ancient Vedic Yuga.

The cow dung isn’t as horrible as it seems if the cow eat her natural diet such as like grass , Nutrition product, Wheat ,etc and other green things.  The Cow dung Is using in walls and ground is a process to  clean your home and insect free Free Home .

Benefits Of Applying Cow Dung

Small insects like, centipedes ,scorpions  Tickles don’t come near to the places which are coated with the paste of Cow dung.. It means Protector Of Insects. The  Dung acts as a natural mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes stay away from such places.

Now this ancient world The researches have proved that dung has the power to kill bacteria and gems which are harmful for humans.

Dung is considered good for daily routine health. It is very High  in minerals and a great factor of Remove antibacterial effect on Body. It prevents people from various daily diseases and health issues.

Even in many parts of the developing India and world. The past in mountain regions of Europe,  Africa,caked and dried cow dung is used as fuel. dung is also used as raw material and produce chemicals for bio-gas plant.

Cow dung is Also used in India for cooking

Cow dung is still used in rural India for cooking? Because it create eco friendly environment No any cast,  In fact, when I visit my grandparent’s home in the village I still see my relatives using dung In cooking . If you are thinking that these poor lots are still living in the dark ages, No it’s Wrong  you’ll be also surprised  That how progressive some of these village people are.

Cow is Lakshmi/Gowri & many consider-representing Siva and Vishnu And combination of 33 crore devi devtas . As per ancient Time Rishi Muni Said That if You use Dung in Your house in Daily routine. No Other Power will attack in your Home.

The dung is utilized for fields, plants as fertilizer and order medicines use. The  dung is used for gas plants. Dung is antiseptic as well as Best Body Health Treatment . Not only is it free from bacteria, it does a good job of killing The insects in your home. If  dung is used on the outside walls of a house, it acts as an insulator of your home .

At last We Say that:-

“Indian scriptures tell us that the cow dung  is a gift of the gods to the human race. Cow Dung is Kamdhenu they full fill of all desire .Cow Being mother of all living because entities gives you all pleasure to everyone.


Gobar (Cow Dung) Is Applied On Walls And Floors Of Indian Villages

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