How To Increase Food Production


Today almost every country in the world is suffering or dealing with the problem of malnutrition and food production becomes the most important driver of climate change as well as environmental damage. Every country in the world needs to find a way through which they can feed its growing population with a good sustainable, proper and healthy diet. In many countries, the crisis of food production becomes very complex and it may be possible after some years this crisis is going to increase around 15% from now. To decrease this crisis we had to improve the food production or produce more food so that no one will suffer from the lack of food.

Ways to Improve Food Production

By improving the nutrition and by minimizing the several environmental footprints of the food system by doing the food supplies more diverse, nutritious and sustainable is essential for improving food production. This means to rebalance the production from mono crops, cereals, dairy and meat to the huge production of the fruit, vegetables, and others semi-arid nutritious crops that take less amount of water and are more tolerant of the heat.

Others like Smallholder farmers, those who are one among the most malnourished, and those who lack the technology as well as the knowledge necessary to become more efficient and sustainable, are the crucial stakeholders in diversifying the whole food system.

Some important actions must be taken to tackle the problem of the growing burden of the obesity and NCDs in several countries. Changing and more increasingly food production environment had become a first priority, to ensuring everyone had access to the healthy as well as affordable food.

A new policy framework came by taking an aimed of protecting consumers that are especially children from the diets that are having high amount of salt, sugar and the saturated fats, and less amount of micronutrients, is vital. Furthermore, measures as well as the incentives to ensure that the healthy, diverse and the sustainably produced foods become more easily available and also affordable surely are developed.

The most important is the investment which is needed to facilitate the innovations and the development of interventions that helps us to improve the nutrition in a very much cost-effective and sustainable way. There had been significant progress in many countries some countries made adding iron, folic acid and vitamin A to wheat flour mandatory.

Countries like the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Morocco, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait and Yemen all are now using the fortification for reducing the micronutrient deficiencies among many vulnerable groups. But, still there is much which had to be done to expand these programmers.

Now about the private sector they need to be very engaged in a way which is meaningful means in finding the solutions which are more sustainable and nutritious to the food system. The food industry is a major catalyst and the key stakeholders for change, so it is very much important that the businesses are included.

This will enable the policy-makers to create and maintain the regulatory frameworks that ell encourage all the private sectors to step up to the nutrition challenges and invest them in more sustainable business operations.

How To Increase Food Production

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