An appeal from Godhan to support farmers
Godhan has been working for the farmers and youth from a long time for farmers and youth. Your support in this effort would be appreciated. Donate now to support good education for farmers and better livelihood for them. Get Involved! Contribute in making a difference today. Your donation can help farmers to fulfill their dreams.If you are willing to donate then please contact us.

How you can Donate?

NEFT Bank Transfer
Credit/Debit Card

Godhan raises most of its income from private sources, which helps to ensure operational independence and flexibility. When godhan works in complex contexts, access to healthcare is a challenge and humanitarian assistance is not always clearly defined, the organisation ensures its independence by relying solely on private financial donations to fund its activities.
Godhan has a unique opportunity to make a difference. With your support, we can continue to independently and impartially provide help to the farmers by giving them advertisment free classified platform, to make them digitized which allows us to work effectively. You can sponsor our events and campaigns to help us to reach people in rural areas.