Minimum feeding cost of murrah buffalo


Dairy farming is one of the best business which provides the rural employment.When comes to buffalo population, India takes 55% of world buffalo population. Buffalo population grows day by day. Murrah is a famous buffalo breed in India. Price of murrah buffalo depends on the age and height of murrah buffalo: the average height of male is 1.43 m and of female is 1.33 m. Gestation period of murrah buffalo is 310-315 days.

Murrah buffalo has tail long. The color is usually pure black with white markings on tail, face and extremities sometimes found. The bullocks are good draft animals though slow and powerful. The average milk produced by murrah buffalo is 1,500 kg to 2,500 kg/year, and the heritability of this trait is 0.2 to 0.3. The inter calving period is 450 to 500 days. Buffalo population in Tripura is only 14,000 against 9.5 lakh cattle population. Its home tract stretches around the southern parts of Haryana comprising the districts of Rohtak, Jind, Hisar, Fatehabad, Gurgaon and the Union Territory of Delhi. The Punjab and Haryana states of India have the top position for milk production of dairy buffalo as compared to other countries such as Italy, Bulgaria and Egypt.


Brazil has a good position in milk production. In India, the Murrah buffalo is also named as Rani of Lakshmi Dairy Farm. Punjab set a new record of 30 kg of milk in the 2016 National Livestock Competition and Expo. This breed of buffalo was sold for high price.


Physical Appearance:-

  1. Face : big
  2. Neck : big
  3. Body color : pure black
  4. Tail : tail is long,maximum tail is 8 inch
  5. Horns : Different from other breeds of buffaloes :big, short, tight
  6. Limbs : short and strong
  7. Skin : buffalo skin is very  smooth



  1. Murrah buffalo eating green fodder which cost (20 kg * Rs 1.5) = Rs 30
  2. Murrah buffalo eating dry fodder which cost (2 kg * Rs 5) = Rs 10
  3. Murrah buffalo eating  cattle feed/ concentrate which cost (9 kg * Rs 20) = Rs 180
  4. Murrah buffalo eating  mineral mixture which cost (150 gm @ Rs 60 /kg) = Rs 9
  5. Murrah buffalo Total daily feeding which cost is approx. Rs  229/ day


Cost breakup of ration is mentioned below:-

  1. Murrah buffalo eating  cattle feed cost is  (BIS-I)/ concentrate mixture (6.2 kg x Rs 20/kg) = Rs 124
  2. Murrah buffalo eating  green fodder , e.g. maize fodder cost is  (20.5 kg x Rs 1.5/kg) = Rs 30.75
  3. Murrah buffalo  eating dry fodder e.g. wheat straw cost is  (4.5 kg x Rs 5/kg) = Rs 22.5
  4. Murrah buffalo eating  mineral mixture cost is (120 gm x Rs 60/kg) = Rs 7.2

Total feeding cost murrah buffalo will be Rs 184 per day.

Minimum feeding cost of murrah buffalo

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