Godhan is an India’s largest online classified platform for farmers in order to buy or sell dairy cattle like cows, buffalos, bulls and bullocks, besides of a cattle platform Godhan also provide quality digital education to farmers in order to fulfill motive and aim of modi government of making digital India.

How we work in Providing digital education for farmers:-In order to provide Digital Education to farmers, Godhan has a blog portion which provides latest news and latest dairy farming research tips to farmers. Godhan provides all the latest informations going in agriculture sector. Instead of this we also conducts nukad natak and offline sessions in villages to help farmers grow their knowledge and getting ways of generating high yield from their farms.

Connecting farmers for easy sell and purchase of dairy animals:- our online platform is very simple to use and you can connect with number of farmers directly through our online platform, if you want to buy an animal for your farm, you just need to visit home page and search for animal that best suites your requirement, after animal search you can directly contact the seller of that animal through phone call, SMS or via whats app. Our platform is designed in such a way that any inexperienced person can easily sell or buy animal in quick time without any signup or help.

Providing platform for free classified listing:- We provide free online classified platform for sellers where they can sell their dairy cattle without any signup or making an account issue and can directly contact its buyer.

Volunteer help to farmers:-We also support farmers in making their financial condition strong, though godhan generate much of the funds from private organisations, we also appeal to people of india to help us in generating funds for farmers by making donations to us.